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Discover a diverse collection of informational brochures, flyers, books, and comics, all designed to raise awareness and educate about the issue of FGM. Through these materials, we aim to raise awareness and share educational resources.

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If you wish to receive our publications in paper version, please send an email to info@gams.be specifying the brochures you want, the quantity, and the delivery address (or if you will pick them up at our headquarters in Molenbeek).

You will also find other publications and tools on the website of the Concerted Strategies to Combat FGM

I have questions about periods. (French)

This brochure, created by participants of the ‘Monthly Meeting’ workshop at GAMS Belgium, aims to explain menstruation. Available via info@gams.be.

Illustrations: © Clarice.

Practices and customs around childbirth and welcoming the baby (French)

During the training sessions organized by GAMS Belgium for the ONE teams, there was a need identified for the PEPs (Partners for Children and Parents) to have a better understanding of the various practices surrounding childbirth and welcoming the child in countries affected by FGM. This understanding would assist them in their work and communication with parents.

Forced marriage… And what about my dignity in all of this? (French)

This brochure was created in collaboration with affected women to denounce the practice of forced marriage as a form of violence.

They hope that this brochure becomes a tool to raise awareness and deconstruct the representations of this practice, which affects 88% of girls and women worldwide.

Our daughters without FGM (French)

A brochure to facilitate dialogue between parents and early childhood professionals to combat female genital mutilation.

This tool can be used during ONE consultations, in nurseries, and in school health services to break taboos and encourage discussion.

An ABC of sexuality as seen by women (French)

Talking about sexuality is not easy. Female sexuality is not named, it is not learned. So, what do we do? Available via info@gams.be.

I have questions about intimate hygiene (French)

This brochure, created by participants of the “Monthly Meeting” workshop at GAMS Belgium, aims to provide some advice on how to maintain personal hygiene in a way that respects one’s own intimacy and promotes a general sense of well-being and comfort in one’s own body. These tips and tricks can be applied and then passed on to daughters and sisters. Illustrations: © Clarice.

Illustrations : © Clarice.

FGM: deconstructing misconceptions (French)

If female genital mutilation often evokes strong feelings, it is also far too often misunderstood by the general public. Consequently, there are numerous misconceptions surrounding the issue, often viewed as a practice solely associated with Sub-Saharan Muslim communities. These misconceptions all too often stigmatize the affected communities and the women involved.

Women, FGM and exile: what possible therapeutic support? (French)

A collective work that offers a review of the various therapeutic approaches and techniques used in Belgium with women affected by female genital mutilation as well as forced marriage.

Book: The sun doesn’t dry laundry in the shade (French)

In this book, Seydou Niang stages events inspired by real situations. The aim is to provide both professionals and the public withissue some approaches to address the  of female genital mutilation within affected communities. Although it is inspired by a specific reality within a community (the Peul of northern Senegal), some elements can also be used to raise awareness among other practicing communities.

Comic: Diariatou confronts tradition

This comic book is available in all three languages (French, Dutch, English).

Available via info@gams.be.