At the heart of the mission of GAMS Belgium lies a deep commitment to protecting the fundamental rights of women and girls, with a particular focus on combating female genital mutilation (FGM). Through prevention, we intervene at the source to end this practice.

For lasting change

We strive to inform and raise awareness within communities, institutions, the general public, and beyond. By addressing the deep roots of this human rights violation, we work to create lasting change, thereby building a future where women and girls are safe from all forms of gender-based violence.

Our goal is to prevent girls born in Belgium or those who arrive at a very young age from undergoing FGM in Europe, or upon return to their country of origin or that of their parents. Activities contributing to this objective include training peer educators, providing support in ONE/Opgroeien consultations, raising public awareness in schools or asylum seeker reception centers, and outreach.

Zero Tolerance

February 6: International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation

Our projects

GAMS Belgium carries out successful projects in collaboration with other organizations and/or actors from the field. 

Community voices

Peer educators: voices of commitment and of changes

Our campaigns

A full overview of all our awareness campaigns.