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We present to you our Library of Expertise and Resources. This page serves as a rich and diverse showcase, bringing together the fruits of many years of work.

Explore our varied resources, ranging from legal documents to informative videos, as well as in-depth studies and inspiring symposiums.

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We also have a rich library of publications and information at our office in Brussels. This library is accessible to everyone from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. The documents cannot be borrowed, but you can scan or photocopy the pages that interest you.

Here’s what is available in our library

Legal ressources

These resources are valuable tools for legal professionals.

Prevalence studies

Dive into our studies on the prevalence of female genital mutilation in Belgium. These crucial data fuel our advocacy efforts, guide our interventions, and enhance our overall understanding of this practice.

FGM Trajectory

This FGM trajectory aims to establish a common approach towards identifying and supporting women/girls seeking asylum who reside in a Belgian state accommodation facility, having undergone or at risk of FGM. You will also find tools to identify and support the individuals involved.

Our publications

Discover a diverse collection of informative brochures, flyers, books, and comics, all designed to raise awareness and educate about the issue of FGM.


Discover our educational and interactive tools designed to raise awareness and inform.


Relive the highlights of our conferences, where national and international experts come together to share their knowledge, experiences, and innovative ideas.

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Explore our collection of videos designed to raise awareness, inform, educate, and change mindsets. These videos aim to broaden the reach of our message and engage diverse audiences.

Discover our youtube channel


Thanks to our videos on defibulation in the languages of the affected communities, you can learn about the medical and social aspects of defibulation. Our videos provide essential information for professionals and affected communities alike.


Explore tools for relaxation designed to support communities. These resources aim to provide a space for well-being.

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