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Discover our educational and interactive tools designed to raise awareness and inform. With our tools, you actively participate in the fight against female genital mutilation.

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Desert Flower: the game of statements based on the film

Part 1

Screening of the film “Desert Flower” recounting the story of Waris Dirie followed by a discussion. The facilitator can show the entire film or select certain segments.

Part 2

The debate is stimulated by statements, and taboos gradually disappear. In the game guide, the necessary information on the topics discussed is listed with the aim of addressing taboo subjects.

Photo language

Female Genital Mutilation
and Gender-Based Violence

This tool is designed for learners who are learning to read or write, or for those learning French (in a classroom or group setting).

Many members of the affected communities participate in such training sessions (integration, DASPA, literacy), which provide an ideal framework for addressing the issue of female genital mutilation.

Goose game

Understanding to Deconstruct FGM

Young people are invited to critically consider everyday life issues

In the manual, information related to the topics covered is provided to make taboo issues more accessible for the facilitator

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