Our projects

To consider a profound change, GAMS Belgium successfully carries out projects with other organizations and/or stakeholders.


Since 2002, GAMS Belgium has been supporting a project to raise awareness about the abandonment of female genital mutilation through a community-based approach, improving the living and health conditions of women and young girls in the communities of Vélingara, in the Kolda region of Senegal.

Men Speak out

This project aims to mobilize and involve men in the fight against female genital mutilation and, on a larger scale, to eradicate violence against women and promote gender equality while respecting human rights.


The objective is to improve access to prevention, protection, and support for migrant women in Europe facing various types of gender-based violence. The project is led by GAMS Belgium, FORWARD UK (United Kingdom), and Médicos del Mundo (Spain).


Anti-homophobia project
“Collaborating to combat gender-based violence: addressing sexual diversity and female genital mutilation in migrant communities from Africa,” in partnership with the non-profit organization Merhaba.


The website stop-violence.brussels gathers all useful information and services for individuals facing gender-based violence in Brussels, their loved ones, and the professionals who support them. The website includes a map of relevant services, information sheets on different types of violence, and a toolkit.