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The non-profit organisation GAMS Belgium has been fighting since 1996 for the abandonment of female genital mutilation in Belgium and abroad. Its team collaborates with affected communities and carries out prevention, support, professional training and advocacy work. GAMS Belgium is a member of the EndFGM European Network and the Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices (CIAF).

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The objective of GAMS Belgium is to contribute to the abandonment of FGM in Belgium and worldwide.

More specifically:

  • Preventing FGM of girls and women at risk living in Belgium;
  • Reduce the health, social and psychological impact of FGM by a comprehensive care of girls and women who have undergone FGM and their families;
  • Promote collaboration and intersectional action, ensure advocacy at national and international levels;
  • Support programmes for the abandonment of FGM in Africa.

We recognise FGM as a gender-based violence.


To achieve its objectives, GAMS Belgium has put into place the following activities:

  • Psycho-social support
  • Community workshops
  • Awareness raising & information
  • Training of key professionals
  • Advocacy
  • Expertise / research

GAMS Belgium in the media



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Press Contacts

In French or English:

Fabienne Richard
Director GAMS Belgium
Midwife referent FGM
0473 41 06 91

In Dutch or English:

Pauline Bekaert
Flanders helpdesk Coordinator
Social Worker
0495 93 93 18

Recent press releases

06th Feb. 2019: Breaking the silence on gender-based violence against migrant women: Launch of the ACCESS project aiming to facilitate access to support services for affected women.


06th Feb. 2019: #TogetherWithGirls campaign against female genital mutilation.


16th Feb. 2018: The launch of a new social-health network for the prevention of female genital mutilation in Brussels


6th Feb. 2017: “RESPECT OUR BODIES” : GAMS Belgium launches a new slogan for the International day of zero tolerance for female genital mutilation (French)



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