International cooperation

Aware that the issues related to female genital mutilation extend beyond national borders, we have committed to working in partnership with global actors to create an impact on an international scale. International cooperation embodies our belief that combating FGM is a shared responsibility that requires global collaboration.

Our commitment to international cooperation is based on the sharing of knowledge, expertise, and best practices. With nearly 30 years of existence and frontline work with diasporas in Belgium, as well as a deep understanding of transformative gender approaches, GAMS has gained transferable experience in Europe and in countries of origin. By collaborating with organizations worldwide, we enhance our capacity to prevent female genital mutilation while supporting the efforts of our partners in their own cultural and social contexts.

20 years of international cooperation at GAMS Belgium with Fabienne Richard

Discover the interview with Fabienne Richard, director of GAMS Belgium, reflecting on over 20 years of international cooperation:

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