Risk of female genital mutilation


If you fear that a girl in your family or someone you know is at risk of female genital mutilation (FGM), or if you suspect FGM in the context of your work involving children :

Please contact GAMS Belgium at 02 219 43 40 (or by email at info@gams.be) to be listened to and advised on the steps to take.

For professionals

The detectometer is designed for professionals. It aims to establish an orientation protocol, helps identify actions to be taken to protect girls and ensure follow-up for a girl already subjected to FGM and her sisters at risk of undergoing it, in dialogue, if possible, with parents and the child.

For parents

The most common situation at risk is a stay in the country of origin. Here is some advice on precautions to take as parents before departure:

Preparing for Departure


  • Contact specialized associations (such as GAMS Belgium) as early as possible, preferably before departure, to receive advice and documents that can assist you in your efforts.
  • Seek support from individuals who can help you discuss the issue with other family members in Belgium.
  • Find allies in your home country who can assist in protecting your daughter (the national committee and local associations fighting against FGM). If your daughter is old enough to understand, explain to her the dangers of FGM, the reasons for medical follow-up, and how you will protect her.
  • Have your daughter examined by a doctor (GAMS Belgium has a list of doctors trained in issues related to FGM) and obtain a medical certificate of “genital integrity” before leaving.
  • Sign a declaration of honor stating that you will protect your daughter from FGM and carry this document with you during your travels.
  • Request copies of relevant laws in the language of your country (Stop FGM Passport).

While there


  • Clearly explain to your family your decision not to have your daughter undergo FGM.
  • Remind them that FGM is a punishable offense under Belgian law even if practiced outside of Belgium (show the Stop FGM Passport). There are also risks regarding custody rights and residency.
  • Contact the specialized association if you have any questions about protection against FGM.
  • Always stay close to your daughter throughout your stay (do not leave her alone with family members).

Upon return


  • Upon your return, visit the same doctor who examined your daughter before departure to certify that she has not undergone FGM. Inform the specialized association that the procedures have been completed to conclude their intervention.

GAMS Belgium is available to assist you, answer your questions, and guide you at any time.