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The strength of GAMS Belgium lies in its bottom-up approach: all its field work with affected communities and professionals informs the content of its advocacy, which is grounded in the experiences of those affected.

With its multidisciplinary team (health, psychological, legal, community) and extensive experience, GAMS Belgium has become a recognized actor by ministries and public administrations in the development of guidelines or national campaigns. Armed with in-depth knowledge and solid expertise, we work tirelessly to create a meaningful impact at local, national, and international levels.

The expertise of GAMS

The expertise we bring is the result of years of experience, in-depth research, and strong partnerships with professionals from diverse backgrounds. We provide evidence-based analysis and informed recommendations in the field of female genital mutilation.

GAMS conducts its own operational research (the results of which will be used to improve field activities), initiates and disseminates research conducted by institutions such as the Observatory of Health and Sexualities, the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, or ICRH in Ghent.


Themes of research published by GAMS Belgium


Prevalence studies in Belgium


of men on the practice of excision

Sensitive search

Example of FGM

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GAMS annually mentors several students for their final projects, master’s theses in public health, or doctoral dissertations. 

Within its team, GAMS Belgium has expertise in epidemiology (analyzing results of demographic and health studies), medical (guidelines for professionals), psychological (individual and group counseling), and socio-cultural (understanding practices of different ethnicities and communities). 

Consequently, GAMS Belgium is regularly approached by ministerial offices, administrations, lawyers, and journalists to provide an overview in Belgium or abroad on the significance of issues and existing programs.


GAMS commits

Advocacy, at the core of our actions, is our tool to raise awareness, influence policies, and mobilize society in favor of the elimination of female genital mutilation.

We engage with policymakers, institutions, and key actors to promote informed policies and practices that respect human rights. Our collective voice rises to demand concrete and lasting changes.

All women equal in asylum

All women equal in asylum

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