Multidisciplinary Care

According to UNICEF, at least 200 million girls and women currently living in 30 countries across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia have undergone some form of female genital mutilation: clitoridectomy, excision, or infibulation. “Many girls and women suffer not only physical but also psychological consequences. It is essential that healthcare providers recognize the problem and, most importantly, respond to it appropriately,” said Minister of Health, Frank Vandenbroucke.

Two multidisciplinary centers in Belgium

More than 23,000 girls and women who have undergone female genital mutilation live in Belgium. To assist them, two multidisciplinary hospital centers accredited by INAMI/RIZIV have been established in our country: at CHU Saint-Pierre in Brussels (the CeMAViE center) and at UZGent (Vrouwenkliniek).

In 2022, leading up to the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation (February 6th), GAMS Belgium conducted a campaign to raise awareness about these centers and encourage women affected by FGM to seek assistance there.

Step through the doors of these centers: CeMAVIE and Vrouwenkliniek.

“Mutilations of the female genitalia are an unprecedented violation of women’s rights to control their own bodies. They cause immense suffering and put their lives in serious danger. I am proud that our country offers these women the opportunity to rebuild themselves both physically and mentally through high-quality care that is 100% free. We set an example in Europe. I am delighted to fund this campaign, which will help even more women affected”.

Sarah Schiltz
Former Secretary of State for Gender Equality, Equal Opportunities, and Diversity


To make an appointment at a multidisciplinary center:


  • +32 2 535 36 66
  • 320 rue Haute, 1000 Brussels

UZ Gent - Vrouwenkliniek

Multidisciplinairy suppport: what is it?

The two multidisciplinary hospital centers in Belgium provide holistic support to women and girls who have undergone female genital mutilation: medical, surgical, sexological, and psychological care. These services are fully reimbursed by health insurance, including clitoral reconstruction.

Each follow-up is different and unique. Discover the journeys of Halimatou and Selma, both rebuilding themselves in their own way with the help of the center

The animation is available in French, Dutch, English, Pulaar, and Somali.


Some women sometimes wait for years before seeking help because they are unaware of the possibility of multidisciplinary care. The testimonials of women who have received assistance from these centers demonstrate how worthwhile this support is.

“I had several sessions with the center’s sexologist. She taught me to love myself, to truly know who I am, to feel good, free. It’s me who decides, it’s my body, it’s my life,” says Sally, who attended a multidisciplinary center for several months.

“Even though it will never be the same again, I feel like I’ve reclaimed my clitoris that was taken from me,” says Awa, who underwent reconstructive surgery.

Seeking help is often taboo for affected women who have never dared to speak about the violence they experienced as children. That’s why GAMS Belgium was tasked with launching this national campaign through several meetings between affected women and healthcare teams in the two hospitals.

Today, Awa calls on all women who have undergone female genital mutilation: “Don’t hesitate to walk through the doors of the centers, you won’t be judged, you’ll be listened to.”


All tools have been developed with and for women affected by FGM as part of the campaign coordinated by GAMS Belgium, funded by the Institute for the Equality of Women and Men.

  • Video presenting multidisciplinary care at CeMAViE, CHU Saint-Pierr
  • Vidéo presenting multidisciplinary care at Vrouwenkliniek, UZ Gent
  • Multilingual animation (available in Dutch, French, English, Arabic, Pulaar, and Somali)
  • Testimonials from women who have been supported in one of the accredited center
  • Brochures from both accredited centers in Belgium (CeMAVIE in NL, FR, EN – Vrouwenkliniek in NL, FR, EN) – Contact to order (free) brochures