annual calendar cs-fgm 2024

Evras workshop

The Coordinated Strategies to Combat FGM (CS-FGM) launch this year’s new workshop series in French, the EVRAS series: shared responsibility between parents and professionals!

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new series of online workshops this year, focusing on EVRAS (Education on Relationship, Affective, and Sexual Life), with a particular emphasis on shared responsibility between parents and professionals, as a means to combat Female Genital Mutilation, notably through prevention and awareness.

After a year rich in sharing and exchanges during our ‘Sexo’ workshops on FGM, we are thrilled to present this new series of workshops, in response to the requests expressed by professionals and the women affected.

Evras series: shared responsibility between parents and professionals

This year, we are transitioning from the ‘Sexo’ series to the ‘EVRAS’ series, focusing on education in relational, affective, and sexual life. We aim to bring together parents and professionals to discuss this topic. This series of workshops aims to strengthen understanding and communication in these crucial domains.

What’s new this year?

Interactive online workshops. We have also planned improvements in the organization and structure of these workshops to maximize our experiences in sharing experiences.

Dates to block in your calendars!

Workshop 1. – 15/02/2024 (14h-16h)

How understanding the psychosexual development of children can help me as a parent/professional?


Workshop 2. – 26/03/2024 (14h-16h)

What is Education on Relationship, Affective, and Sexual Life? – Breaking stereotypes, demystifying its learning in school.


Workshop 3. – 04/06/2024 (14h-16h)

Education on relational, affective, and sexual life in extracurricular activities: questioning social norms, gender expectations, and pressures on the bodies of girls/women?

Workshop 4. – 17/10/2024 (14h-16h)

What place do parents reserve for education on affective and sexual life in the family?

Workshop 5. – 03/12/2024 (14h-16h)

Tools and best practices to strengthen parenting in education on relational, affective, and sexual life

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who participated in last year’s workshops and took the time to fill out our evaluation forms. Your feedback has been invaluable in adapting our programs to your needs and expectations. We are looking forward to seeing you again during this new series of EVRAS workshops to continue building this space of rich and caring exchange and learning together.

Stay tuned for more detailed information on workshop themes, speakers, and registration details.