6 February, International Day of Zero Tolerance to FGM

Did you see our giant clitoris?

On Friday, February 4th, the team, nearly complete, with stickers and flyers, busied themselves at Place de la Monnaie. Our aim: to raise awareness among civil society about the work of GAMS Belgium on the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation through the #MeetYourClit campaign, supported by the City of Brussels. Many political representatives were present, including Delphine Houba, Alderwoman for Culture, Tourism, Major Events, and Municipal Equipment, as well as Lydia Mutyebele Ngoi, Alderwoman for Equality of Opportunity, who shared a touching speech with the crowd:

“To be perfectly clear with those still wondering: what we see here is not a giraffe, a dinosaur, or an abstract sculpture. It’s a clitoris! The organ of female pleasure. It is precious and essential.” (Delphine Houba)

If you’ve strolled through the city center, you’ve likely seen this powerful and erect organ braving the cold and wind: a giant 5-meter clitoris. Perhaps you even had the chance to hug our mascot, take part in our street interview and draw a clitoris under our tent. It was nearly impossible to miss us.

If that’s the case, don’t panic! We have good news for you. You can watch all the programs produced as part of the #MeetYourClit campaign on replay, read about us, or even listen to us on the radio. Indeed, to our great delight, the press has honored us. This year, we are particularly proud to present our press review.

Didn’t catch us on TV? We appeared on the 1pm and 7:30pm news broadcasts on RTBF. For longer formats, we invite you to watch the shows “Libres Ensembles” on Auvio or “SEX’N’SUN” on YouTube produced by Tarmac.

Are you following us on social media? Check out our stories on Instagram and search for the #MeetYourClit hashtag, or read our posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. 

More into FM waves? Listen to the interview with our director, Fabienne Richard, on the show “Tranche d’Anar” on Radio Air Libre.

And for those who prefer written and video web press, you’ll be spoiled on both the French-speaking side: RTBF, RTL, DH, La Libre, BX1, Flair, Bruzz, 7sur7, Moustique, L’avenir, and the Dutch-speaking side: Het Laatste Nieuws, Knack, and Humo. 

After this great exposure, all that’s left is to remind you to follow us throughout the rest of the year on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about the agenda of our activities. If you wish and are able, you can also support us.


Webinar #MeetYourClit

The Clitoris honored to fight against female genital mutilation!

On February 3, 2022, GAMS Belgium organized two webinars, in French and Dutch to explore the clitoris, this often overlooked but crucial organ. Fear not, the clitoris won’t bite. Videos and testimonials from affected individuals and professionals will introduce you to it. Don’t wait any longer to Meet Your Clit!

Zero Tolerance towards female genital mutilation

Every February 6th, the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is celebrated. For its annual campaign in 2022, GAMS Belgium shines the spotlight on the clitoris.

By showcasing this still largely unknown organ, GAMS Belgium emphasizes its importance and reiterates its vision: a world without female genital mutilation, where the physical and sexual integrity of everyone is respected!

Let’s pleasure reign!

This clitoris plays a key role in sexual pleasure. It’s the part that is partially or completely removed in cases of female genital mutilation, commonly known as “excision”. 

Surrounded by myths and misconceptions, the clitoris remains largely unknown to the general public, especially among affected women*.

Many women*, whether they have undergone excision or not, know very little about their own bodies. It’s time for that to change!


12h00 – 13h30 : Webinar in dutch

Screening of videos produced by students from IHECS in partnership with GAMS Belgium
Panel discussion with professionals and affected individuals:
Nina Van Eekert, Collectief Positief
Ingrid ter Maat, Alma, Vrouwenwerking CAW Antwerpen
Bénédicte Rosier and Inge Thijs, Zorgcentrum na Seksueel Geweld Antwerpen
Ladan Hadji Dirir and Mawda Abbas, GAMS Belgium

15h00 – 16h30 : Webinar in french

Screening of videos produced by students from IHECS in partnership with GAMS Belgium
Panel discussion with professionals and affected individuals:
Martin Caillet, gynecologist at CeMaVie
Fos Mohammed Nur, intercultural worker at GAMS Belgium
Françoise Leroux, psychologist at CeMaVie
Awa Nikiema, patient at CeMaVie
Moderated by Fatoumata Binta Bah, Community Voices