GAMS’ team wishes for 2023!

Each of us at GAMS Belgium would like to thank you for your support and commitment to our organisation. The year 2022 was rich in actions, trainings and partnerships.

We wish our partners and allies to maintain their fervor and determination in the fight that unites us. We wish strength and courage to women affected by Female Genital Mutilation, and health, happiness and prosperity for all. The GAMS Belgium team wishes you all the best for this new year to come.

We’d like to share some of our dreams with you.

Khadidiatou Diallo, Founder GAMS Belgium

For 2023, I dream that the team can continue to save girls from FGM and that the world will be at peace and become a better place. I wish you a happy new year, happiness and most of all health. Take care of yourself and others.

Diariou Sow, Chairwoman GAMS Belgium

For 2023, I dream that we can have structural funds to guarantee stable contracts as well as the well-being of our employees in order to do what we do best: accompany the people affected by FGM. Until FGM is abolished worldwide, I dream of better care and prevention for those affected by FGM.

Fabienne Richard, Director

By 2023, I dream that no more migrants will be sleeping outside. Fighting against FGM in Belgium is also fighting for a human and dignified reception and asylum policy.

Moussa Diong, Administrative and Finance officer

For 2023, I dream of structural and sustainable funding to carry out our mission.

Julie Jadot, HR officer

For 2023, I wish to see an evolution in human rights, both for women and men. I wish that joy for life becomes accessible for all, everywhere.

Lisa Keepen, Assistant director and communications

For 2023, I dream that each province will have its own GAMS Belgium branch.

Marianne Nguena, Project officer for the FGM Network and the Communities of Practice (CoP)

For 2023, I would like more professionals in contact with our public to join the Concerted Strategies Network against FGM (CS-FGM) so that together we can strengthen the quality of prevention and support for women affected by FGM and girls at risk.

Aminata (Anita) Sidibe, Project officer for the FGM Network in Wallonie

For 2023, I want to find a balance between my professional and personal life. I also want to complete the community diagnosis project and do useful work for women affected by FGM.

Mariama Bah, Community Voices officer

For 2023, I dream that the peer educators will be fully committed to raising awareness about FGM and that through the implementation of their projects, they will be able to effectively convince their communities.

Margarita Coppé, Head of communications

I wish 2023 to be a new year of new narratives empowering the communities concerned about Female Genital Mutilation. I look forward to our work together with the activist, writer and ambassador of our prevention campaign, Halimata Fofana. Together we aim to raise awareness in Belgium. I dream of even more impact in the joined fight to protect families from FGM here and elsewhere. I also wish our team and peer educators to find the resources and the courage to continue our path to end female genital mutilation!

Leïla El-Mahi, Communication officer & Storyteller

For 2023, I dream of producing a podcast for GAMS highlighting the axes, the projects of GAMS, to give a voice to workers, activists, people concerned who fight against FGM.

Laurie-Anne (alias Béa) William, Community Builder

For 2023, I dream of raising as many people’s awareness as possible on social networks, especially during GAMS campaigns.

Annalisa D’Aguanno, Psychologist

For 2023, I dream that every person received at the CGRA (Office of the Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons) will be able to benefit from a volunteering environment that is conducive to speak. I dream of human hearings, adequate translations, real and effective international protection. I dream of being able to offer a follow-up that leaves more room for therapy and less for the administrative steps involved in the application of asylum.

Carolina Neira Vianello, Social assistant, Coordinator of activities in Brussels

Overall, I dream of a more egalitarian, fair and inclusive world. I dream that all women are able to choose, act, decide, enjoy, dream freely without sexism, domination and oppression; without their bodies being seen as objects or commodities. Even though the struggle is tough and far from over, I dream that one day we will succeed in breaking down the patriarchal system, the structural basis of discrimination, exploitation, inequality, of violence and misfortune. Let’s resist!

Feven Tsehaye Tekle, Intercultural facilitator

I don’t want any more violence done to women, anywhere, ever!

Keyla Lumeka, Legal advisor

By 2023, my dream is that the Detectometer, a tool for identifying the risk of female genital mutilation, will be known and used by all professionals in contact with people affected by Female Genital Mutilation.

Pauline Soupa, Midwife

For 2023, I dream of a Dutch speaking colleague-midwife colleague.

Lotte Buekenhout, Legal advisor

I dream that the parents of girls at risk of FGM are also recognised as refugees. Protecting girls from FGM also means protecting their parents. I dream of strengthening the GAMS Dutch-speaking team and the visibility of our organization, as well as with the judicial authorities of the Flemish region. I dream of a round table with the authorities involved in reporting situations where there is a risk of excision in order to harmonise the treatment and care of those concerned.

Mélanie Jocquet, Coordinator of GAMS activities in Wallonia

The majority of GAMS’s clients are asylum seekers. For 2023, I dream that we will be able to reach and accompany more of the people concerned who have arrived through family reunification, without legal residence or of the 2nd and 3rd generations in Wallonia.

Maud Jeulin, Psychologist

For 2023, I dream that we can have feedback from women recognised as refugees who have benefited from psychological follow-up within GAMS. I dream that we can develop a mobile team to reach the most isolated women, with a gynecologist and/or midwife, a psychologist and community workers on board. I dream that we can develop a fully-fledged mental health service for the women concerned.

Aïcha Ali Abdou, Intercultural worker

By 2023, zero tolerance of FGM and forced marriage for minors. My dream? That future generations can respect the good side of tradition and culture and preserve the cultural and linguistic heritage of their country, those that do not harm the integrity of people.

Ismatou Bah, Intercultural worker

For 2023, I dream of being able to see my family again, whom I have not seen for 13 years, and to spend time with my parents under the talking tree. I dream of being able to reach and accompany more women who come through family reunification, victims of domestic violence, blackmail and kidnapping. I dream that they learn their rights and duties so that they can integrate and defend themselves in Belgian society.

Elly Pauwels, Legal advisor

For 2023, I dream of mobilising Belgian artists to create a work of art that honours the clitoris! These unique works of art, symbolising the fight of GAMS, would be auctioned for the benefit of the fight against Female Genital Mutilation. I dream that in the evaluation of the credibility of a story the Asylum instances (CGRA/CCE) grant a «presumption of innocence and trust» to the applicants for International Protection. A migrant woman or girl who has undergone, or is at risk of undergoing FGM and/or forced marriage is a victim, often vulnerable. Her voice must be heard and believed. It is by listening to them and protecting them that the fight against sexual mutilation and other gender-based violence will progress.

Fos Mohamed Nur, Intercultural worker

For 2023, I dream that the work of intercultural workers will be more valued and recognised.

Louise Da Via, Coordinator of activities in Wallonia

For 2023, I dream of a more humane policy and care for migrants.

Hortense Uwantege, Psychologist

For 2023, I dream of being able to develop psychological work with men from communities affected by FGM, to raise their awareness and to gather their emotional experiences with regard to this practice.

Flore Bollaert, Coordinator of activities in Flandres

I dream of all the antennas receiving structural financial support and thus find stability. I dream that in this way we will be able to improve even more in raising awareness in the communities affected by FGM, that girls at risk can be protected and that the fight against FGM becomes a shared effort ever more.

Jessica Tatout, Social assistant

By 2023, I dream that all professionals in Belgium will be informed about the issue of FGM, so that all affected girls and women living in Belgium will find the support they are entitled to.

Ewout Gubbels, Social assistant

I dream of a policy where no one is left out in the cold, where women and children on the run are received humanely, and where they are not made susceptible to additional vulnerabilities due to shortcomings in policies and procedures. I dream of welcoming new colleagues to our new antenna in Antwerp and building foundations together to increase our operation, reach and impact for our target group in Antwerp.


The entire GAMS Belgium team thanks you for your support realising our dreams in the past year and in the one ahead of us, 2023. A happy and healthy 2023 to you all!