GAMS_20 ans_livret
  • 1996. After two years of informal meetings, the non-profit organisation GAMS Belgium is set up. There are thirty members: African and European men and women. The association doesn’t receive any financial aid. Its offices were situated in the apartment of its president’s daughter.
  • 1997. First financial aid from Charles Picqué, Minister of Culture et Miet Smet, Minister of Employment and labour.
  • 1998. Offices opened at Rue Brialmont, 11 – 1210 Saint Josse. GAMS moved in with one carton and one file!
  • 1999. Seminar « Ici et Ailleurs ».GAMS Belgiums first international seminar at the Amazone Center in the presence of the Senegalese Ambassador.
  • 2000. First brochure for support of women circumcised in maternity written by Prof. Jean-Jacques Amy et Fabienne Richard distributed to all Belgian Maternity wards
  • 2001. Project « Jammu, better health for young girls » supported by The Houtman Fund. Creation of brochure « Act in the face of mutilations ».
  • 2002. Startup of an integrated project fighting against females sexual mutilations in Velingara, Senegal (literacy, income-generating activities)
  • 2003. International seminar « Jammu » bringing together female and male politicians, different associations working in the field to fight against female sexual mutilations in Africa and Europe, associations involved in human rights, violence against women and equal opportunities.
  • 2004. Participation in the documentary « Mon enfant, ma sœur, songe à ta douleur » de Violaine De Villers.
  • 2005. Productction of a comic strip « Diariatou face à la tradition ». Khadidiatou Diallo, founding President of GAMS is nominated Woman of the Year (Marie Popelin Prize) by the Council of the French speaking women of Belgium (CFFB).
  • 2006. First subsidies of the social cohesion from the commune of St-Josse to support the Alpha Class of GAMS (FLE)
  • 2007. In November GAMS Belgium receives the Micheline Van Caillie-Bertrand Prize 2007 from the Women’s Medical Association of Belgium.
  • 2008. Campaign against female sexual mutilation « Pas d’excision à ma fille »
    New location for GAMS at Rue Traversière, 125 1210 Saint Josse. Production and presentation of the play by the women and men of GAMS.
  • 2009. Project « Integration and female circumcision » backed by the European Funds for refugees which helps to increase the paid staff and train professionals in centres for asylum seekers. Coordinating the wriding of the Belgian guide for the attention of health professionals.
  • 2010. Release of the first qualitative research « Excision et migration » carried out by the Observatory of AIDS and Sexuality and edited GAMS Belgium.
  • 2011. Finalisation and distribution of the first Belgian guide intended for the professions concerned, circulated by the SPF Public Health and coordinated by GAMS Belgium.
  • 2012. First presentation of « le destin d’Aïcha », A play created by a group of young people from GAMS. GAMS relocated to 6 rue Gabrielle Petit à Molenbeek.
  • 2013. Launch of the travelling exhibition « Excision, ma façon de dire non » in railway stations and other public places throughout Belgium. Opening of GAMS regional offices in Antwerp and Namur, thanks to the support of Fedasil and the Walloon Region.
  • 2014. Presentation of guidelines, for prevention and protection of girls at risk of female circumcision, before the Government of the FWB (Joint Commission to the Commission of Culture, Audiovisual, Aid to the Press, Film, Health and Equal Opportunities and the Review Committee to examin issues about equal opportunities for men and women). Release of the first FGM prevention kit with intact and concerted strategies.
  • 2015. Opening of the Liège regional office. Release of the guide of good practices with intact and concerted strategies.
  • 2016. GAMS is celebrating 20 years. Launched project mentorship the girls in Velingara, Senegal.
  • 2017. Release of the “Trajectoire MGF pour les femmes excisées demandeuses de protection internationale
  • 2018. GAMS publishes its new study on the prevalence of FGM in Belgium.
  • 2019. Launch of the ACCESS campaign, a project to facilitate access to prevention, protection and support for migrant women in Europe facing gender-based violence.
  • 2020. GAMS Belgium launches a special COVID aid for the vulenrable public of the ASBL with the distribution of prepaid cards to buy basic necessities
  • 2021. GAMS Belgium receives the “Diversity” label from Actiris for organizing, among other things, activities to highlight different cultures and countries
  • 2022. On the occasion of the International Day of Tolerance Zero to FGM, GAMS Belgium launches the #MeetYourClit campaign with a giant clitoris as a centerpiece.