In our headquarters in Brussels, there is a library that is open to everyone. It is free but the material can only be consulted on the premises (no borrowing for home use). If needed, we have a photocopier, and we only charge 0.05€ per copy. The library has books of all types (novels, manuals, etc.) but also the thesis and final graduate works of students who have addressed the theme of female genital mutilation.

The available literature is referenced on Zotero:

Where? In the offices of GAMS Belgium, Rue Gabrielle Petit, 6 – 1080 Brussels
When? Tuesday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00

Annual Reports

[FR] [NL] Annual Report 2022

The report gives an overview of the work accomplished by our team in 2022.

Read the 2022 Annual Report in French 

Read the 2022 Annual Report in Dutch

[FR] [NL] Annual Report 2021

The report gives an overview of the work accomplished by our team in 2021.

Read the 2021 Annual Report in French 

Read the 2021 Annual Report in Dutch

[FR] [NL] Annual Report 2020

The report gives an overview of the work accomplished by our team in 2020 despite the challenges.

Read the 2020 Annual Report 

[FR] [NL] Annual Report 2019

The report gives an overview of the work accomplished by our team in 2019.

Read the 2019 Annual Report 


[FR] Le mariage forcé… Et ma dignité dans tout ça ? 

This leaflet was created in collaboration with concerned women to denounce the practice of forced marriage as violence. They want this brochure to become a tool to raise awareness and deconstruct representations of this practice which affects 88% of girls and women worldwide.

Download the leaflet (pdf) 

[FR] Nos filles sans excision

A leaflet promoting dialogue between parents and early childhood professionals as a way to combat female genital mutilation. This tool can be used during ONE consultations (childhood care), in crèches, and in school health services to break taboos and promote free speech. Available via

Download the leaflet (pdf) 

[FR] À culotte enlevée – Abécédaire de la sexualité vue par les femmes 

Talking about sex is not easy.  We don’t name female sexuality, we don’t learn about it. So, how does it work? Available via

Download the leaflet (pdf)

[FR] La toilette intime, je me pose des questions

This leaflet was created by the participants of the GAMS’ monthly gatherings workshop. It aims to give some advice on how to cleanse oneself in a way that respects one’s privacy and leads to a general feeling of well-being and comfort in one’s body. These tips and tricks can be applied and then passed on to the girls and sisters. Available via Illustrations: © Clarice.

Download the leaflet (pdf)

Guide books

Genital Mutilation: Addressing Common Myths and Misconceptions 

FGM often evokes very strong feelings but is also all too often unknown to the general public. There is a multitude of preconceived notions surrounding the issue, seen as a practice affecting only sub-Saharan Muslim communities. These ideas often stigmatise the communities concerned and the women involved. Available via

Download (pdf)

[FR] Femmes, excision et exil : quel accompagnement thérapeutique possible ?

A collective work which offers a review of the various approaches and therapeutic techniques used currently in Belgium with women affected by FGM and forced marriage. Available via

Download (pdf)


The sun can never dry laundry if it’s kept in the shade 

The contents of this book are based on facts inspired by real-life situations. The aim is to enable both professionals and the public to learn methods of addressing the question of FGM with the communities concerned. Seydou recounts what he’s heard during his awareness-raising meetings and how he proceeded to prevent FGM of the girls in his native region in the north of Senegal and later in Europe. Available via

[FR] [NL] Mon destin est entre les mains de mon père : tomes I, II & III (20€)

Khadidiatou (Khadia) Diallo recounts the story of Goubé, a Senegalese girl, facing the risk of excision and forced marriage. Khadia is the founder and president of GAMS Belgium. Born in Linkéring, Senegal in 1955, she arrived in Belgium at the end of the 1980s. She learned to read and write at the Collectif Alpha in Brussels, which published this book years later. Available via (20€ for the trilogy). 

Diariatou and the tradition (15 €)

This comic book is available in four languages (French, Dutch, English and German) from the GAMS Belgium office, 6 rue Gabrielle Petit, 1080 Molenbeek. To help with the re-edition of the French version, we ask € 15.00 per copy, postage included. To order, transfer € 15 to GAMS Belgium, bank account BE37 0012 8683 3928 and send confirmation e-mail to to receive a copy as quickly as possible.

Educational games

[FR] [NL] Desert Flower: interactive game of affirmations 

Part 1: film and discussion. The film “Desert Flower” relates the life of Waris Dirie.The animator can show the entire film or select certain fragments (found in the book).
Part 2: Game of affirmation. The debate is stimulated by affirmations, taboos will eventually disappear. In the games handbook, the necessary information about the themes are listed in a comprehensive manner.

Download (pdf – Dutch)

[FR] [NL] Photolangage : Mutilations génitales féminines et violences basées sur le genre 

This tool is intended for a public learning to read/write or learning French (classes or groups). Many members of the concerned communities follow such courses (integration, DASPA, literacy), that would be an ideal setting to address the issue of FGM.

Download (pdf – French)
Download pictures (pdf – French)

[FR] [NL] Jeu de l’oie : mieux comprendre pour déconstruire les MGF

Through this educational game, the young people search themselves for the answers to questions concerning FGM, but also other types of gender-based violence and discrimination. In the handbook, information necessary relating to the topics addressed is listed in a comprehensive manner. 

Where to borrow the educational games?