Platforms and networks

GAMS is active on various platforms at national and international level permitting the demands for women’s rights, the fight against gender based violence, the taking into account of gender, sexual and reproduction rights to be included in development programmes.

At Belgian level

  • FPS Public Health support Committee for victims of Domestic Violence.
  • Council for French-speaking women in Belgium (CFFB)
  • Coordinating the Brussels World March of Women (WMW)
  • Health, sexual and reproduction rights workgroup by Because Health
  • BE-Gender Platform
  • Socio-economic feminist platform
  • Violence Platform between partners in the municipality of St-Josse
  • Marriage and Migration Network
  • Concerted Strategies Network fight against female genital mutilation (CS-FGM)
  • SHARE Migrants Forum – Brussels Coordination

At European and international levels

  • End FGM

GAMS Belgium is co-founder of the new End FGM European network which aims to continue the work conducted during 6 years by the European campaign END FGM. The network was created in Rome in May 2014 with 11 members covering 10 European member countries. The network grows bigger every year. GAMS’ deputy director Stephanie Florquin is a member of the Board of Directors for the END FGM network. The network aims to develop and harmonise the prevention policies at a European level, reinforce the capacities of its members and make a plea in favour of the involvement of the diaspora in the fight against FGM in the countries of origin.

  • Inter-African Committee (IAC)

The Inter-African Committee (IAC) was created in 1984 following an International seminar about female genital mutilation (FGM) in Dakar, Senegal. The headquarters are located in Addis-Abéba, Ethiopia and the organisation has branches in 28 countries. Its mission is to improve the conditions of life and health for women and children by fighting against any harmful tradional practice affecting their physical, psychological or social welfare. Since 1997, GAMS has been officially recognised as the Belgian section of the Inter-African Committee. Marie De Brouwere represented GAMS Belgium at the IAC General Assembly which took place in Ouagadougou from the 24th to 26th April 2014.