Mélanie Jocquet is the coordinator for Wallonia. She is responsible for the Namur branch and is in charge of setting up projects and developing GAMS Belgium throughout Wallonia. She is mainly based at the Namur branch but is also present at the Liège branch.

Before joining our team in 2020, Mélanie already worked in a social service specialising in the rights of migrants. She provided assistance to people who asked for help with their various procedures (asylum, family reunification, regularisation, …). She also did the same work in penal institutions and offered social and legal support to detainees who requested it.

She also worked for an NGO working to improve access to health care for people in emergency situations.

Through these various meetings, she became aware of the particular vulnerability of women who experience a continuum of gender-based violence, both in their country of origin, during their migration process and during their asylum procedure in Belgium.