Graduate in Clinical Psychology at the Free University of Brussels, it was while training at the Belgian Institute of Applied Victimology that she discovered GAMS Belgium as an internship in 2007. She hasn’t left since. Her interest for women’s rights pushed her to continue with the association as a volunteer for two years, then as a full-time member of staff. She is co-author of the guide « Femme excisée et réfugiée, ma façon d’exister – Savoir-faire et Savoir-être en entretien » (2012). Through the individual consultations, she listens to the women « beyond the words » and observes the body language. She is so fascinated by the body language that in 2010, she initiated a workshop for corporal expressiveness, for women victim of gender based violence. She is following a course in Art Therapy. Creation is now her privileged tool as much in individual work as collective. Back to creativity, where life seems to stand still.