Aminata Sidibe, better known as Anita, is mainly of Guinean origin. She was born and raised in Belgium. She has a bachelor’s degree in political science and since September 2022, a master’s degree in population and development sciences.

She came to know GAMS while doing research for her dissertation on the subject of “Strategies for abandoning excision in Guinea”. She then enquired about the work carried out and applied for a 9-month voluntary internship at GAMS in parallel with writing her dissertation, also working with the CoP.

After her internship at GAMS, she realised that her professional and personal interest was in the fight against GBV. She learned a lot during her internship about the different issues and liked the energy of GAMS, the projects that are carried out there, the kindness of the team. As a Guinean, this is a subject that affects her close circle and her community, so it was clear to her that she had to join the team.