Legal support

GAMS Belgium offers legal support to lawyers and specialised services regarding international and national protection. The non-profit offers specific information on jurisprudence, doctrine or clarifications on female genital mutilation (FGM), forced marriages and other related violence. This service does not replace the lawyer in the proceedings.

First and second line legal support

The legal offer of GAMS Belgium consists of:

  • First-line support for affected families via GAMS’ psychosocial service
  • Multidisciplinary support with GAMS’ psychosocial team
  • An opportunity to deepen the legal issues with the participants of the training sessions
  • Second-line support to lawyers and services specialised in foreigners’ rights in complex legal situations

INTACT npo: GAMS Belgium takes over

Historically, GAMS Belgium and INTACT collaborated to provide psychosocial and legal support respectively to people affected by FGM and forced marriages. In 2019, INTACT was forced to put its activities on hold. Following an agreement between the two organisations, GAMS Belgium now offers this legal support.

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Keyla Lumeka
Antenna Brussels (FR) and Liege
Legal adviser
+32 493 40 52 89

Elly Pauwels
Antenna Namur
Legal adviser
+32 492 35 80 18

Lotte Buekenhout
Antenna Brussels (NL) and Flanders
Legal adviser
+32 492 35 35 90

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