Prevent FGM

If you have any fears that female genital cutting is in preparation for a young girl in your family or within the framework of your job in contact with children, contact us at 02 219 43 40 (or by email to be listened to and advised on what steps to follow.

If you are a professional

There are several tools for professionals that can help you to assess the risk.

If you are a parent

The situation at risk the most common is a stay in the country of origin. Here are some tips on precautions for parents to take before departure.

Prepare the departure well 

  • Make contact with the specialised associations (GAMS Belgium, INTACT asbl) who will give you advice and documents that may help you in your approach.
  • Seek support from people who can help you discuss with the other members of the family in Belgium.
  • Look for allies in your country who will help you protect your daughter (national committee and local associations who fight against female genital mutilation).
  • Have our child examined by a doctor and ask for a certificate «of the integrity of the external genitalia » before leaving.
  • Sign a sworn declaration stating that you protect your daughter from female genital cutting and take this document with you when you travel.
  • Ask for the written laws in the language of your country (passport STOP FGM).

On the spot 

  • Explain to the family your decision to not have your daughter cut.
  • Remember that female genital mutilation is an offense punishable by Belgian law even if it is practiced elsewhere other than Belgium (show the passport STOP FGM).
  • Ask for the help from the National Committee and local associations if necessary.
  • Always stay close to your daughter during your visit (don’t leave them alone with another member of your family).

On your return 

  • On your return, go back to the doctor who examined your daughter before your departure so that they can certify that he or she is still intact.