Sponsor a girl in Senegal

In Vélingara, Senegal, GAMS Belgium has been supporting a programme to end female genital mutilation (FGM) since 2002. As of today, some families have decided to protect their daughters from FGM but do not say so publicly, due to social pressure. Families do not always have the means to keep girls in school and avoid marriage before the age of 18. Sponsoring a girl means guaranteeing her schooling but also protecting her from FGM and forced marriage.

Saying no to FGM and forced marriage

GAMS Belgium has always been opposed to gender-based violence such as female genital cutting and forced marriages. We work mainly in Belgium, but we also set up projects that are close to our hearts in Vélingara. Since 2016, we have been implementing a project to sponsor girls there: the “Pact for Education”.

A Pact for Education

In Vélingara, where our president and founder Khadidiatou Diallo grew up, we want to support families who say no to cutting so that girls can go to school up to the end of secondary school and be protected from FGM and forced marriage.

In other words, making a monthly donation means that a girl can go to school until she is 18 and be protected from forced marriage and FGM.

Already 18 girls sponsored in 3 villages

The parents receive €15 per month provided that they commit to not cutting their daughter, to keeping her schooled until the end of secondary school, and to not marrying her off by force.

On site, the GAMS Belgium team consists of two facilitators.

A regular follow-up is done at school and health level.

Want to help protect a girl from FGM and forced marriage?

The project’s first objective is to protect 50 girls in the department of Vélingara. 18 girls are currently being sponsored, but others are on a waiting list. Give them a chance too!

Make a one-off donation

  • To support the Pact for Education project
  • To cover an awareness-raising project through theatre with the Vélingara youth council.

Donate every month

  • 15€ to cover the school fees of a girl
  • 20€ to cover a girl’s school fees and to support the running costs (travel of the facilitators)
  • 25€ to cover a girl’s school fees and to support the running costs (travel of the facilitators and to contribute to their salary)
  • 30€ to cover a girl’s school fees and support an awareness-raising project by the theatre and the Vélingara youth council

Whatever your choice, the child and her family will receive 15€ per month on the condition that the parents commit to not having their daughter undergo FGM, to enrolling her in school until she is 18 years old, and to not marrying her by force.

Our bank details

Account name: G.A.M.S. ASBL
IBAN: BE33 0017 8676 4046
Banque: BNP Paribas Fortis, Montagne du Parc 3, B-1000 Brussels
Communication : Vélingara Project

And in return…

If you donate at least 40€ per year, you will be eligible for tax deductions: you will receive a fiscal certificate in May the following year.

You will also be regularly informed about the progress of the project via: