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  • Seeking help for a woman living with FGM
  • Help a young girl/woman at risk
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Seeking help for a woman living with FGM

  • You live with FGM and wish to talk and be advised about the possible care and treatments?
  • You are a professional and you wish to direct a woman living with FGM towards her nearest service?

Contact GAMS Belgium on 02 219 43 40 (or by email We are working within a network and have a list professionals trained for these issues.

There are medical services specialised in the multidisciplinary care of women living with female genital mutilation.

Approved Medical Centers for the support of women living with FGM offers individual multidisciplinary care ranging from psychological, sexologic to surgical treatment of the consequences of female genital mutilation (deinfibulation, removal of a cyst) and/or the reconstruction of the clitoris. The treatment is covered completely by the NIHDI (National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance ) :

  • CeMAViE (Centre Médical d’Aide aux Victimes de l’Excision),
    CHU ST-Pierre, Brussels // 11-13 Rue des Alexiens, 1000 Brussels (consultations every Tuesday afternoon)
    02 506 70 91 // More info here
  • Multidisciplinair Centrum Genitale Mutilatie, Vrouwenkliniek UZ Gent
    Heymanslaan B, 9000 Vrouwenkliniek Polikliniek P3-P4 (consultations Wednesday morning)
    09 332 37 82 / 09 332 37 85 // More info here

Help a young girl or young woman at risk of female genital mutilation

If you have any fears that female genital cutting is in preparation for a young girl in your family or within the framework of your job in contact with children

Contact us at 02 219 43 40 (or by email to be listened to and advised on what steps to follow.

In the event of imminent danger, you can contact INTACT asbl at 02 539 02 04.

There are several tools for professionals that can help you to assess the risk (lien vers le kit des stratégies concertées)

The situation at risk the most common is a stay in the country of origin. Here are some tips on precautions for parents to take before departure.

Prepare the departure well :

  • Make contact with the specialised associations (GAMS Belgium, INTACT asbl) who will give you advice and documents that may help you in your approach.
  • Seek support from people who can help you discuss with the other members of the family in Belgium.
  • Look for allies in your country who will help you protect your daughter (national committee and local associations who fight against female genital mutilation).
  • Have our child examined by a doctor and ask for a certificate «of the integrity of the external genitalia » before leaving.
  • Sign a sworn declaration stating that you protect your daughter from female genital cutting and take this document with you when you travel.
  • Ask for the written laws in the language of your country (passport STOP FGM).

On the spot :

  • Explain to the family your decision to not have your daughter cut.
  • Remember that female genital mutilation is an offense punishable by Belgian law even if it is practiced elsewhere other than Belgium (show the passport STOP FGM).
  • Ask for the help from the National Committee and local associations if necessary.
  • Always stay close to your daughter during your visit (don’t leave them alone with another member of your family).

On your return :

  • On your return, go back to the doctor who examined your daughter before your departure so that they can certify that he or she is still intact.

Become a volunteer

Since its creation, GAMS Belgium, has always been able to rely on volunteers. Without them, GAMS would never have been able to conduct all of its actions.

Today GAMS is professionalised with paid staff, but in view the growing workload, volunteers are always necessary.
You can make your requests mentioning your skills to We will take a look at your proposal and see how you can take part in our work!

You have a creative mind and are ready to lead your own project? You can support us by organising a fundraising activity for GAMS Belgium.

Make a donation

We need your support for our activities on prevention and raising awareness!You can make a donation on GAMS Belgium’s account at BNP Paribas Fortis Bank
IBAN : BE37 0012 8683 3928
Bank: BNP Paribas Fortis

You can also make a standing order by paying a fixed monthly sum into GAMS bank account. To do this please print, fill out, sign this form and return it to:

GAMS Belgium, Rue Gabrielle Petit, 6 – 1080 Brussels

Donations above 40€ give the right to a fiscal certificate for your tax return.

donorinfo-logo-fr-v2 “Our audited accounts are published with full transparency on”:

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    If you wish to become a mentor or sponsor please make a standing order of 20€ /month on the account BE33 0017 8676 4046 (compte à créer). (15 € is paid directly to the families and 5 € serves to cover allowances/travel expenses/ for the community animators).