GAMS conducts its own operational research ( whose results will be used to improve the activities in the field),initiates and disseminates the research conducted by the institutions such as the Observatory for Health and Sexuality, the Institute of Tropical Medicine , Antwerp, or the ICRH, Ghent Thematic of research published by GAMS Belgium:

GAMS supervises several students every year for their final graduate work, their master’s thesis on Public Health or their Ph.D. The University work is supervised by Fabienne Richard, Director of GAMS Belgium, holder of a Ph.D in Public Health from the ULB.

GAMS Belgium has within its team an expertise of epidemiological material (analysis of the results of demographic studies and health), medical (guidelines for professionals), psychological ( individual and group support) and socio-cultural (knowledge of practices in various ethnic groups and communities). GAMS Belgium is thus regularly sought by Ministerial Offices, administrations, lawyers, journalists to give the current situation in Belgium or abroad on the importance of the problem and the programmes in place.

For all requests for expertise, please contact Fabienne Richard by email: