Awareness raising

GAMS Belgium’s first mission is to raise awareness, inform the public and the communities concerned about genital mutilation and forced marriage. Every year we organise several events around February 6th, the International Day of Zero Tolerence for Female Genital Mutilation, but we don’t limit ourselves to just this one day, the awareness activities are held throughout the year. Female genital mutilation is a gender based violence and in our animations we expand the discussion to forced marriage and other acts of violence of this kind.

We adapt to the public, time available and the place.

Here are the different possibilities of raising awareness and providing information:

  • Projection of a film about female genital mutilation) several choices are possible in the Documentation Center at GAMS Belgium) followed by a debate.
  • Loan of exhibition photographs and organisation of visits from the travelling exhibition for groups. We have two travelling exhibitions available « Female Genital Mutilation, My Way of Saying No » in partnership with la Boite à images, « Les mains pour dire l’indicible » with Chris Weiner.
  • Interventions during conferences
  • Organisation of a stall during a festival
  • Animations in primary and secondary schools. We have developed specific tools in the form of games or comic strips to approach the topic. We also animate a debate after the play « Je l’aime, un peu, beaucoup » in partnership with le Théâtre Broccoli.
  • Animations in literacy classes using photo-language about gender based violence.