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GAMS Belgium is launching its brand-new legal newsletter aimed at lawyers, legal professionals and other organisations to discuss legal issues linked to female genital mutilation (FGM), forced marriage and other related violence.

An initiative of our legal support department

Since 2019, GAMS Belgium offers legal support in French and Dutch to lawyers and specialised services regarding international and national protection applications. The non-profit offers specific information on case law, doctrine as well as clarifications on FGM, forced marriages and other related violence. This legal service does not replace the lawyer in the proceedings.

Legal aspects of female genital mutilation

GAMS Belgium has developed this newsletter to keep lawyers and other organisations informed of developments in the legal issues surrounding FGM and other violence against women and girls in the context of national and international protection.

Within this framework, you will receive:

  • The latest legal news
  • Invitations to events that may be of interest to you
  • New publications
  • New legal texts

The newsletter is sent every two months and archived on our website under the “Legal support” tab.

How to subscribe?

You can subscribe via the GAMS Belgium website:

Make sure you check the “Legal news” box to subscribe specifically to the legal newsletter. The “General news” box also allows you to subscribe to GAMS Belgium’s global newsletter, which is aimed at a wider audience.


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You can contact Keyla Lumeka, legal officer at GAMS Belgium:

You can also contact the GAMS Belgium secretariat on 02 219 43 40 or via if you wish to be added manually to the mailing list.

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