Webinar (Dutch) on Feminism, Anti-racism and the fight against FGM

On Friday 28 August 2020, GAMS Belgium, an association that has been fighting for the abandonment of female genital mutilation (FGM) for more than 20 years, organised a webinar on FGM in Belgium within an intersectional approach that combines feminist and anti-racist point of views. 

 Lindah Leah Nyirenda’s slam poetry

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  • What is the impact of the prejudices about FGM on the communities affected by the practice?
  • What are the possible and necessary links between the fight against racism and the fight against FGM?
  • How can we move away from a (neo)colonial and European-centred way of thinking and build a reflection conducive to women’s right to self-determination and empowerment on issues that directly affect them?


  • Lindah Leah Nyirenda (she/her) (NL): Afro-feministe, Stage poet and panelist of the Youtube channel Unheard with GiGi
  • Meron Knikman (she/he) (NL): Crossroads-feminist and activist, former Deputy Director of the Minority Forum
  • Stella Nyanchama Okemwa (she/her) (NL): activist, expert in social and cultural anthropology and campaign coach at Hand in Hand Tegen Racisme vzw

The webinar was moderated by Khady Gaye Sow, member of the Board of Directors of GAMS.

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