Support coronavirus prevention in Senegal

We are being hit hard: the coronavirus (or COVID-19) has an unprecedented health, societal and economic impact. But what aboutpeople in the region of Vélingara in Senegal, where we are implementing our project to combat female genital mutilation (FGM)?

COVID-19 is in everyone’s mind

The coronavirus (or COVID-19), is well established in Europe and impacts our lifestyles. For the ones among us who are better off, it is a matter of staying at home to protect oneself and avoid the spread of the virus. But it is also a constant struggle for those affected, front-line staff and decision-makers at national and international level.

In Belgium and Europe, GAMS Belgium and other associations are constantly advocating for measures that are adapted to our beneficiaries and the health sector.

Our work in Senegal is being impacted

Since 2016, GAMS Belgium has been supporting a project to abandon FGM in Vélingara, 700 km south of Dakar. We support families who have signed a pact for the education and protection of their daughters against FGM and forced marriage.

What we do in Vélingara

The pandemic has reached Africa, and could have an even greater impact there.

A coronavirus prevention kit for Velingara

The fight against FGM is crucial, but the pandemic threat requires our full attention . We have therefore launched, as a matter of urgency, a “Coronavirus Prevention” action.

GAMS Belgium has launched the manufacture of masks to offer the most vulnerable people a kit containing: 

  • 1 piece of soap
  • 1 washable mask
  • 1 explanatory sheet on preventive actions

The action has the support of the District Chief Medical Officer who validated the mask model and by the Prefect of Vélingara.

Support our initiative

We have already paid €1000 to buy the fabric and start making the first masks, but we need more to continue. You can transfer money to the GAMS Belgium account dedicated to the Vélingara project (tax deduction from 40 euros):

  • BE33 0017 8676 4046
  • Communication « Coronavirus Velingara » 

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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