Coronavirus & lockdown: GAMS Belgium informs and provides support

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In the context of the COVID-19 (or coronavirus) pandemic, GAMS Belgium wishes to reassure its beneficiaries and remains supportive. This article compiles the tools and documentation available in different languages. For people who do not read French or Dutch, our team (salaried and volunteer) has created video capsules that essentially take up the message below. This article will be updated regularly, as we receive more relevant information.

???? A message to our beneficiaries

« During these difficult times, GAMS will not abandon you. If you are worried, if you are afraid, if you feel like talking, or if you do not understand some information about the disease or about confinement, the team is available by phone or WhatsApp. Find the telephone numbers of all the GAMS geographical offices in the accompanying video, or on our website We will gladly inform you during office hours, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. »

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Pulaar (Fulani)
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???? Call us

If you want to talk, you can call the coordinators of the different antennas of GAMS Belgium.

  • Brussels: Carolina Neira Vianello +32493405292
  • Flanders: Katrien de Koster +32495939318
  • Liège: Samia Youssouf +32470541899
  • Namur: Mélanie Jocquet +32493492950

???? Chat with us

We are available through the ACCESS online chat. You can talk to us in your own language.

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