Gender-based violence: launching a chat tool for migrant women

Within the framework of the ACCESS project, GAMS Belgium, Médicos del Mundo (Spain) and FORWARD UK (United Kingdom) offer online conversations in different languages. The aim is to facilitate access to support for migrant women confronted with gender-based violence who do not necessarily speak the national languages.

Barriers to support

Support services for migrant women facing gender-based violence exist, but are not always easily accessible. Affected women do not always speak the national language(s), which can make initial contact with organisations difficult. Sometimes, and for various reasons, it is even impossible for them to get to an organisation’s offices.

First contact online

Starting from January 2020, online sessions are accessible via The helplines will be available in different languages such as Fulani, Trigrinya, Arabic, Somali… and will be offered for the three countries, namely Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The objective is not to offer real psychosocial interviews but rather to facilitate support by accompanying the interlocutors adequately. Peer educators – who are trained volunteers from migrant communities – will assist social workers of all three partner organisations.

ACCESS online chat

Easy to use

These online conversations will take the form of chat (written, video and/or audio). The tool works similarly to Skype or WhatsApp. The main difference is that one does not have to give their email address or phone number. All you need is the link and internet.  The tool can be used on a computer or a smartphone.


To ensure a quality dialogue, our teams will only be available during pre-defined time slots. An online schedule of the availability of our teams is available on the website.

Any questions?

Please contact Seydou Niang ( or Jessica Tatout (

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