Training – Gender-based violence: improving support to affected migrant women

In the framework of the ACCESS European project, GAMS Belgium organises a new free, accessible and multidisciplinary capacity building training module for front-line professionals to improve access to support and care for migrant women in Belgium who were confronted to gender-based violence.


  • To enable key professionals to understand and explore the multiple forms of gender-based violence within migrant communities and their adverse impact
  • To raise awareness on cultural competency in responding effectively to women and girls affected by multiple forms of gender-based violence
  • To explore the role of provision of community-based services in improving access to appropriate support and protection services for migrant women
  • Facilitate networking with colleagues from other sectors and disciplines to enable holistic support to migrant women and girls affected by gender-based violence

For whom?

Front-line professionals from different sectors:

  • Healthcare (doctors, nurses, midwives, paediatricians, sexologists …), and mental health (psychologists …)
  • Legal (asylum instances, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, jurists …)
  • Police services
  • Social (public centres for social assistance, social assistants, asylum and migration …)
  • Community organisations
  • Education


09.00-09.15: Welcome and introduction
09.15-09.45: Walking in the shoes of a migrant and refugee woman affected by gender-based violence
09.45-10.00: Introduction to the ACCESS project
10.00-11.00: Understanding multiple forms of violence against women and girls- What, Who and Why
11.00-11.30: Coffee/tea break
11.30-12.30: Introduction to cultural competency training
12.30-13.30: Lunch break
13.30-14.30: Legal framework: national and international protection frameworks
14.30-16.00: Responding to multiple forms of violence against women and girls –  Review of case studies: multidisciplinary response to situations of gender-based violence in different contexts (in small groups): asylum, family reunification, second generation, insecure residency status
16.00-16.30: Introduction to ACCESS project tools and resources
16.30-17.00: Summary, evaluation and close of session

When and where?

Brussels Liège Antwerp
Language French French Dutch
Dates (choose 1) 11 October 2019 FULL!
18 October 2019 FULL!
16 October 2019
6 November 2019
15 October 2019 FULL!
17 October 2019 FULL!
Place BAPA Bxl
Boulevard Pachéco, 34 – 1000 Bruxelles
Centre d’accueil Croix-Rouge de Fraipont
Rue de Trasenster 130, 4870 Fraipont
Rode Kruis Opvangcentrum Linkeroever
Beatrijslaan 100, 2050 Antwerpen

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The ACCESS project

ACCESS” as an acronym refers to “Appropriate Community-Based Care and Empowering Support Services”. The ACCESS project aims to improve prevention, protection and support for migrant women in Europe who are confronted to different types of gender-based violence.

About GAMS Belgium

GAMS Belgium has been active in the fight against female genital mutilation in Belgium and abroad since 1996. In concertation with affected communities, GAMS Belgium tackles the issue at the levels of prevention, support, training of professionals and adovacy. The association is member of the EndFGM European Network  and of the Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices.


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