Gender-based violence: launch of a new interactive mapping of professionals

As part of the “Gender-based violence and asylum”  and ACCESS projects, GAMS Belgium is working on a new mapping tool, aiming to identify professionals in contact with persons confronted to gender-based violence (GBV) within the context of migration. 

A mapping of support services

The aim is to identify as many professionals, associations and actors of the social, medical, psychological and legal sectors as possible who work with persons with a migration background and confronted to GBV.

Better reach your target audience

The mapping will function as a tool for anyone, service user or professional, to find information and contact data according to their specific needs and criteria. The data will be displayed on an interactive and user-friendly map, available in 10 languages spoken within migrant communities in Europe.

And facilitate access to your services

Migrant people, and especially women, are confronted to a continuum of gender-based violence. It includes female genital mutilation but also sexual violence, domestic violence, human trafficking, amongst others. The ACCESS project aims to improve prevention, protection and support for migrant women in Europe who are confronted to different types of gender-based violence.


The ACCESS website, on which the mapping will be displayed, will be launched in November 2019.

Make sure you appear on the mapping!

It is easy! To register yourself or your organisation (at the Belgian level), all you have to do is to fill in the following form:

Form in French Form in Dutch

Contact persons




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