GAMS Vision & Statutes

GAMS Belgium (Group for the Abolition of Female Sexual Mutilations) was established in 1996.

The founding statutes have undergone very few changes over time: in 2008, early and / or forced marriages were added to GAMS missions. This is the only major change made since the creation of GAMS.

Today, GAMS has been in existence for 23 years. GAMS Belgium has evolved in terms of human resources (from a fully voluntary status to 14 employees to date), geographical coverage (national coverage but also European and international projects), expertise within its team (social, psychiatric, health, socio cultural, research, communication …).

In recent years, GAMS has become known as an expert in a broader field other than FGM and has invested in areas such as: gender-based violence, other practices that alter sexual integrity (surgery on intersex children, circumcision, cosmetic genital surgery, abusive episiotomies …)

Our statutes must reflect our real work in the field and the extent of our expertise. In addition, it is important to set a clear framework of action corresponding with our human and financial resources so as not to be lost in a multitude of activities. It is also important that the missions that we have validated are reflected in our statutes published in the Moniteur Belge.

For this reason we have launched a survey: an online questionnaire where both the members of the salaried team, the volunteers, participants in the activities of the GAMS, the members of the board of directors but also external partners can give their opinion on the evolution of the activities and the expertise of the GAMS and on possible changes to be made in our statutes.

The form is available here

We are counting on your participation!

Thank you in advance!


Fabienne Richard,
Director of GAMS Belgium


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