In her role as psychosocial counselor, Kelly offers support to women who are confronted with psychological, social and physical problems. She wants to listen to, inform and refer women so that they get the support they need. In addition, she also supervises group sessions in which she wants to use body-oriented techniques to cope with trauma.

Kelly obtained her degree in Political and Social Sciences, specialisation Communication, at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) in 2003. She started her professional career as a Dutch teacher to foreign-speaking adults in Brussels and as a tutor for ‘OKAN’ children in secondary schools. Being in contact with people from all over the world motivated her to study psychology. These people, mainly women, told their story and she felt that it was this that interested her so much.

In 2017, she started the study Integrative Psychotherapy, of which she is currently completing her final year. As a psychotherapist, she wants to further specialise in body oriented techniques around trauma treatment.